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2010 Event Furnishing Trends
Event furnishings continue to receive a great deal of attention in 2010. One might think that due to budget cuts, the popularity of furniture rentals might be slowing down. On the contrary, in an industry that has been hit hard due to the country’s economic situtation, furniture rentals remain stronger than ever. Regardless of theme, style, or event size, furniture has become the must-have building block to make any event shine.

Furniture has transcended “trend” to become a staple, the definitive trademark of chic event décor. It is a significant part of the overall event experience. With that said, the trend for 2010 is adding striking accents to beautiful basics to create simply elegant events.

Casual, relaxed environments are strong this year, with less emphasis on formality and more emphasis on comfort and style. Casual chic is at its height of popularity – classy, and understated. In short, whispering the message instead of screaming it. In times when companies are being scrutinized, less is more. While the dollar amount spent may be similar to that of a formal set-up, it downplays the image of being expensive and over-the-top, enabling those responsible for the buy to breathe easier. A casual environment also promotes less stress for attendees, thus giving them more mental time to genuinely enjoy their event.

Branding furnishings with company names, logos, and messages is vital. It associates a brand with success and strength. Corporate messages, when placed on white acrylic bars and cubes and lighted from within, achieve a sultry and effective result. Corporate branding is fundamentally irreplaceable and inspirational, and when placed on decorative pillows that adorn furniture or are projected onto groupings with light, become both unique and effective.

Branding with color is also stylish and effective. An extraordinary number of planners are seeking vibrant color for 2010. Color offers a vivid and distinctively striking statement. White leather continues to be a foundation of event furnishings as they are safe, stylish and multipurpose. Not only is white fashion-forward, but it can be morphed into any color and look by being lit. Illuminated cubes, tables, and even couches remain important as they can create different moods as they change color throughout an event. White leather paired with accent pillows that complement the color of the event theme, creates a powerful statement. Lighted product continues to be the hottest trend to date, and allows an additional opportunity to continue the color scheme, which will complete the ensemble. These pieces, through the lighting, can take guests on a journey from a tranquil mood to a dramatic one, from peaceful to ominous. AFR Event Furnishings has seen a high demand for sofas, chairs, and ottomans in purple, fuschia, and orange and are staying one step ahead of these trends by introducing the Symmetry Line, a sofa grouping with lighting from the back, and by offering a collection of lighted bars, cubes, ottomans, and tables.

Sectional seating is more important than ever before. The ability to create modular groupings enables planners the flexibility they may need or desire. When all of the selected pieces work with each other, the ability to shift arrangements and change looks at a moment’s notice is physically and economically feasible. When space is an issue, sectionals offer an excellent solution without taking away from the overall look of the event.

Outdoor furniture also continues to be popular not only for events held outside, but quite often for events inside as well. AFR Event Furnishings has been pairing outdoor groupings with lighted products for a look that is both practical and offers a little excitment.

Furnishings are being utilized more creatively than ever before, too. Turning ordinary ottomans into tables for two, multiple chaise lounge chairs into catwalks, and couches into communal tables are just a few of the many inspired new ways to let old favorites do double duty. Elevated groupings are also taking furnishings to new heights. Placing classic silhouette groupings on pedestals, risers, and stages offer visual interest and creates an exquisite ambience.

In 2010, major event furnishing trends point to innovation and smart execution, stunning simplicity, multipurpose utilization, lighted products and branding for brilliance. Maximize for success, while minimizing excess.

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